Copyright Don Browning. All Rights Reserved. 2010 Congressional Candidate Don Browning enters a different type of race.  A member of Old Dogs Racing stable, Sebring International Speedway along with Daytona International Speedway are Don's favorite race venues.

Mike Rossini performs Magic

Old Dogs Racing welcomes Browning Brothers Racing, George and Don Browning

Following Don's Acrobatic Documentary success, MX-5 Mazda Miata driving was a natural.

Don Browning Productions has announced the Racing an MX-5 production, and a retro production of the Lake Weir Journal, and the IAC Acrobatic Journal, and Sailing to First Place.  Stay tuned for up coming releases.

highlights Henry Gilbert Racing Expo at the Road Course of Daytona Internationala Speeedway. 

A great group of people ready to rock and roll!  Safe effective driver training along with level 2 and hot level 1 pro drivers.  Don Browning artist and art promotion helps drive the Florida Fresh Racing Expo experience.

‚ÄčJust days before Sebring International Raceway October Turkey Trot SCCA racing event. Don Browning experienced engine damage caused by a faulty fuel pump lean air/fuel mixture problem.  Mike Rossini performed a 22 hour weekend engine analysis, removal/new install/dyno testing and Don Browning was on his way back to Florida and Sebring International Speedway.

Don Browning in SM #49 crossing tri-oval at Daytona International Speedway.

PDG Performance Driving Group 

Rossini Racing Products driver Don Browning at Sebring International Speedway and Daytona International Speedway, making laps with another class of racers, Spec Fords and higher powered Mazdas.  This is an important stage for new drivers learning breaking, and car handling into the apex of a curve allowing faster speeds out of the curve.