Florida to NC Auto Racing Connection:‚ÄčJust days before Sebring International Raceway October Turkey Trot SCCA racing event. Don Browning experienced engine damage caused by a faulty fuel pump lean air/fuel mixture problem.  Mike Rossini performed a 22 hour weekend engine analysis, removal/new install/dyno testing and Don Browning was on his way back to Florida and Sebring International Speedway.

Buddy says; "That # 49 is a work in progress......"

Mike Rossini and Don Browning on site in NC.     "Don come back and visit when you can".

True artistry 

Engine builder Mike rossini

Mikes Shop is a Performance Art Studio.  Parts, pieces, tools and equipment all come together to tell a story of speed, quality and performance.

Copyright Don Browning. All Rights Reserved. 2010 Congressional Candidate Don Browning enters a different type of race.  A member of Old Dogs Racing stable, Sebring International Speedway along with Daytona International Speedway are Don's favorite race venues.

Mike Rossini performs Magic